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Collaboration & Co-operation


Working together to create solutions that work for the benefit of all and to create an outcome that is ethical and sustainable.


By ensuring all projects benefit all parties, we build trust and affinity throughout. Regardless of the nature of the project, profitability and viability are fundamental.


Integrity and accountability are the foundation of our commitment to you. Integrity ensures all the projects we fund are ethical, profitable and viable. Accountability is at the heart of our promise to you.


Working from a standpoint that what is possible becomes an opportunity when knowledge and skill are applied with innovation, ingenuity and commitment to an entrepreneurial approach.

Strategic Development

We help enterprises raise capital to develop strategic projects that are stable and sustainable for the long-term.

Through the strong relationships we have built over the years, you are able to access specific strategic resources to generate long-term growth and returns.

In order to create sustainable growth within national projects, requires long-term planning and funding – matched to the needs of the client.

Commitment & Empowerment

Empowering National and Global Enterprise
Committed to a Global,
Sustainable Economy
Driving Growth with Tailored Long-term Solutions
Creating an Environment of Empowerment and Opportunity


A £60 billion power-up for National Grid

It’s all change at National Grid this month with a significant cash injection and some organisational change. In the UK, we use the term ‘national grid’ for the electricity transmission network. It’s the infrastructure that gets the energy from the power station into the plug sockets in our homes. However, behind the national grid, there’s National Grid, a multi-billion pound, multinational company. National Grid, headquartered in London but with additional operations in the US, is

UK energy consumption is at its lowest in 50 years. But could it be lower?

While efforts to use less power in the UK are paying off, many opportunities remain to become more energy efficient. As a nation, we’re using less energy than ever. The last time the UK consumed less power over the course of a year, Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and Roger Moore was James Bond. However, while this is good news for the industry and consumers, we could still go so much further. There are many

New electricity transmission systems in the pipeline

Energy resilience is currently a huge focus for the UK’s energy industry. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and volatility in the Middle East have shown that the country needs to become more self-reliant when it comes to energy. After two years of predicted shortages, high wholesale prices and obstacles to net zero, it’s time to start building that resilience again. Two new proposed energy transmission projects are positive examples of how the UK is moving in