MC2 Capital is a specialist funding provider with experience and expertise in a number of sectors, including infrastructure, real estate, utilities and more.

As an organisation we look for long-term infrastructure and strategic asset projects that provide a secured, consistent return for our investment partners.

We achieve success through funding secured solutions within large industries, underpinned by government regulated constraints. By innovating within these environments, we aim to secure long-term returns for risk averse investors.

There are many business sectors that have both, significant funding limitations due to strict regulatory constraints, and large funding demands caused by those regulatory requirements. These conflicting demands require specialist funding solutions that work for all parties.

Global Business – Local Focus

As a global business we access funding globally whilst working locally to meet the specific needs. At a local level we ensure the structures are in place to deliver a tailored solution and the security our funders need.

We build strong relationships on a local level whilst accessing specialist expertise on a global level.

Our Mission

To identify opportunities that align with the aims and aspirations of our clients, stakeholders and the wider world. To create value and growth with minimal risk, for our investment partners.


Our ethos is to act fairly and honestly at all times. At the heart of our business practises is our commitment to honour our promises and act with integrity. We understand that the trust of our stakeholders, clients and investors is earned through the quality of our work and the ethical standards we work to.

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